Workshop 2: Visualizing cultural datasets

19 May 2017
Room K3.11

Workshop 2: Visualizing cultural datasets

This workshop introduces different approaches to visualize heterogeneous data-sets with software and programming libraries. First, a brief introduction to tools and methods is given. Then, participants are invited to work on their own data-sets. Examples of cultural data-sets include: visual imagery, networks of relationships, and text corpora.

Interesting links:

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the specificities of tools and methods according to data-sets
  • Distinguish how tools operate on data-sets
  • Identify how to organize a data-set according to a specific type of visualization
  • Have a glance at how to extend visualization tools and methods for more original results

Using the following tools:


  • Participants are required to bring their own personal computers, and
  • Their own data-sets, formatted in CSV, XLS or Google Spreadsheets